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It may not survive in the wilderness or soar through the sky in front of a sleigh, but this plush reindeer still has all the charm and beauty of its living counterpart. From the bottoms of its hooves to the tips of its antlers, our plush reindeer is cuddly and great for playtime fun. Thanks to the sound of jingling bells around its scruffy neck, this plush will make its dignified presence known as children whisk it away with their boisterous imaginations.

In addition to its startlingly lifelike appearance, our reindeer plush stands at a tall 24” and measures 30” in length from the nose to the tail. As a result of its large structure, you will likely need a lot of shelf space, but the reindeer’s huggable body will make it all worthwhile. Both children and adults can get plenty of enjoyment from this plush toy, whether they aim to play or collect.

All of our plush animals, including this reindeer, have been CE marked and certified according to British standards. We are proud to present only our finest work with every plush.

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