Dog Soft Toy

Has your child be hinting (not so subtly!) that they’d like a dog? Perhaps one of their friends has a dog and they’re feeling more than a bit jealous? If so, you may be wondering how to tell them that they won’t be getting a canine house mate any time soon. A great idea is to purchase them dog soft toy from the Household Pets Collection at Plush Horse if you want to soften the blow. They’re available in various breeds, including Highland Terrier, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Boxer and Labrador. Toys are made to the highest standards from top quality materials, and have been designed with impeccable attention to detail.

A Friend for Life 

As soon as your little one sets their sights on their new dog soft toy, they’ll fall in love. They really will have a friend for life, and it won’t be long before thoughts of owning a real dog disappear from their mind. All toys sold at Plush Horse are built to last and will provide your child with a great deal of enjoyment for many years to come. Take a look around the website to peruse the dog soft toys for sale or to make a purchase.

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