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Have you always wanted to live on a farm? Does your little one love the sound of farm animals? Does she have a collection you’d like to add to or start? Then our realistic, 18″ Brown Chicken/Rooster with Voice that makes realistic sounds when you’re infant or toddler pushes the button is sure to make them laugh, squeal, and clap with delight. The chicken’s built in voice box makes it sound just like a rooster. And every youngster loves to imitate the much loved cock a doodle do sound. Plush for squeezable comfort with a deeply hidden frame, this chicken can stand on its own, making it look as realistic as it sounds. However, it’s not recommended the rooster be sat upon by your infant or toddler.

If your child loves animals or even if you’ve always wanted a pet chicken or rooster, then this is your chance for a realistic pet without the maintenance, and it won’t wake the neighbours first thing in the morning.

CE British standards certified for your safety


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