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There’s nothing like that first cool, crisp day of spring when the birds are singing and the new-born calves are out roaming the pastures with the rest of the herd. Baby animals are always the subject of fascination, much more so than their adult equivalents, that’s why our plush calf/cow is as cute as they come!

Our plush calf/cow starts out life as a metal frame which forms a strong durable inner core, this enables our calf to take up to an incredible 80kg of weight, allowing children to saddle up and ride their new favourite plush!

The plush is then finished off with a carefully constructed soft fabric coat, designed to represent the body and features of the calf/cow in as realistically a way as possible. Combined with its life-like 24” height and 31” length this plush brings playtime to life!

Like all our high quality plush our 31” brown calf/cow is fully compliant with British standards and CE certified, giving you the peace of mind that your plush is suitable for children and constructed of the utmost quality.


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