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Normally residing in the vast savannah’s of Africa, the graceful giraffe is the tallest land mammal on earth. Our cuddly giraffe plush captures all the intricate details you’d expect with particular attention paid to the elegant curve of its most recognisable feature – its long neck.

The key to providing such a high quality and anatomically correct features is the metal frame located at the very core of the plush. Due to the nature of the frame which spans the entire body and neck, this particular plush doesn’t like being ridden! However it still enjoys an active playtime and thanks to its larger than life appearance is sure to get one too!

Staying true to the size of the real deal, our giraffe plush stands tall at 33” high and 17” in length!

As with all of our plush products, we only supply you with the highest quality, fully conforming to the British standards and marked as such with CE certification.


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