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A crocodile may not be the kind of pet parents would normally consider first for their little ones. However, this huge, plush crocodile is so tame that it wouldn’t dream of opening up those jaws, on the kids or anyone. This almost too realistic toy crocodile is snuggly and soft, while maintaining some of the true creature’s sinister reptilian appeal. This crocodile will lend a sense of security to a child at night and provide entertainment throughout the day.

Parents will rest easy knowing that this plush toy product is certified and marked by the British Standards CE. It contains no materials that are hazardous to children. The plush crocodile is brilliant rendering of the real life thing but without having to worry about whether it has a toothache or not. Measuring at 65” long, children are not likely to outgrow the crocodile too soon. Every kid secretly has a cuddly toy crocodile on their wish list, although some may not yet know it!


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